Working with Wrap It Up


  • Once we receive your booking, we will contact you within one day via your preferred contact method (phone, email, or text) to confirm. 

  • Bookings of 10 gifts or less will be completed in 3 days. Bookings of more than 10 gifts will be completed in 5 days. 

  • We will inform you via your preferred contact method when your gifts are wrapped to schedule your free delivery.

  • We are accepting Holiday bookings through December 20, 2021.

  • Please note, we are unable to accommodate requests for same-day services. 


  • Once we pick up your gifts, we will provide an estimated price according to the size of your gifts.

  • You will receive an invoice from us via email with your balance. 

  • Payment in full must be received before or at the time of delivery.

  • We accept Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, old-fashioned cash, or personal check. 


  • If you have several gifts for us to wrap, please note the below.

  • To help keep gifts organized, please provide us with a list of gifts and include to/from if you want us to write the gift tags. You can download and use the form below or create a similar one of your own. 

  • We will inconspicuously mark your gifts and provide you with a “gift key” to let you know which gift is which!

  • If you request more than one gift wrap theme, please identify the gifts as such. Please note there is a limit of 3 different paper themes per order. 


  • Wrap It Up reserves the right to make gift wrap theme substitutions based on availability.

  • Wrap It Up holds creative license to use a combination of gift bags and wrapping paper to provide the customer with the best end product.


  • Wrap It Up staff is committed to keeping everyone safe from COVID-19. We will always wear a mask when we pick up and drop off your gifts. We will also use hand sanitizer before coming to your door. 

  • We know that some people have situations that do not allow for much interaction. We are more than happy to accommodate you, so please let us know what we can do!